The Constellation Project kicks off on November 4th, 2013


By Kalina Winska in collaboration with Steven Milian

Watch the video:

            The Constellation Project creates visible connections between people, who gather in the gallery during the exhibition of my new works at the Annette Howell Turner Art Center in Valdosta, GA starting on November 4th at 5PM.

            This project is a product of the collaboration between Steven Milian, a scientist and myself. Our shared interest for the universe and drawing led us to create an interactive project, where the public can join us in celebrating the idea of the interconnectedness between people and the physical world, through the process of drawing.

We invite you to become an active participant in the exhibition and ask you to express your thoughts and emotions through concentric marks drawn directly on the wall in the gallery. Each participant will finish their drawing with lines extending outward and connecting with the neighboring drawings made by others.
            Drawing is then an intermediary tool that allows you to explore and map a network of common thoughts and emotions. This network is similar to the idea of constellations, where the stars in the night sky are grouped into patterns, or to an electric circuit that delineates the flow of energy. This metaphor becomes tangible if you realize that this drawing on the wall will be made in metalpoint, an ancient technique that uses metal wire to create drawings; the lines in your drawing are like the wires in an electrical circuit, they both carry energy.  Together we will be creating an endless and uninterrupted flow of energy between all individuals that participate in this project. The drawing will illustrate one of the many simple, everyday reciprocal gestures we see around us.  We call these exchanging gestures of energy the Energetics of Human Connection.


Each participant will be provided with a hand-made metalpoint stylus to draw on the wall, which they can later take home as a gift.